Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oops, your blouse is open!

So I was watching an interview on "Andrea Mitchell Reports".  She was speaking with former Susan G. Komen for the Cure VP, Karen Handel.  You may recall, there was a huge hullabaloo this past February regarding Komen's then-decision to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

Back in February, the CEO/Founder of Komen, Nancy Brinker cited a "NEW" internal rule that if an applicant or affiliate is under investigation, it would render them ineligible for funding from Komen.  According to Komen, PP was under federal investigation, turns out not really (just the focus of an anti-abortion congressman), and so it was no longer eligible for the near 700-thousand dollars it was receiving.  Funny, Penn State didn't didn't lose it's Komen funding, but we will come back to that.

Komen of course got lambasted for it's decision and quickly reversed course within 48 hours.  Handel also resigned, promising a tell-all book about what happened.  It's out and called "Planned Bullyhood:  The Truth about the Planned Parenthood funding battle with Susan G. Komen for the Cure"

Now,  Ms. Handel told Andrea Mitchell, that the reason PP's funding was pulled was because they don't do mammograms (true then, the organization has since launched a new initiative to perform them).  But I thought it was because they were "under investigation".  Nevermind, so let's say it is because they didn't do mammograms... when did Komen ONLY care about mammograms?  PP did and still does general breast health screenings and mammogram referrals which are all just as vital in early detection.  So if women's breast health is all you truly care about, which Handel also said... then PP should never have lost funding, even for just the few hours that it did.

So why was there such an uproar... well, PP performs some abortions, representing up to 3 percent, I repeat, 3 percent, of the centers function.... hardly the centers entire purpose for being.  But we all know how controversial abortions are.  Ms. Handel is a vocal anti-abortion advocate, and it just so happens that PP funding only ended when she became a deciding voice within Komen in April of 2011.  She again told Andrea Mitchell, Komen's decision to de-fund had nothing to do with her personal beliefs, that PP didn't perform mammograms, and Komen is solely about breast health.  She also said, that the issues with PP had been affecting Komen for "atleast a decade, long, long, before my time".  Well, here's the problem with that... if Komen had so many issues with PP, "at least a decade", why did it take until she got there to pull the funding.  Also from what I could find in a search for when Komen began to fund PP, that apparently didn't start until 2007, so why even start to fund, if you've got issues.  AMR-MSNBC

Well, since knowing Handel ran for Governor in Georgia, as  republican with part of her platform railing against PP, it doesn't take a math genius to put 2 and 2 together.  I mean, maybe it's a coincidence, but I'm starting to think, coincidences aren't so much these days.

Now that you're all angry and bitter about my little soundboard on this issue, let me make something absolutely clear.... Susan G. Komen for the Cure CAN ABSOLUTELY fund and de-fund which ever organizations it chooses.  It's private money, do with it whatever you will.  My issue is, don't make up stories and dance around the real reason behind your decision.  If you don't want to fund PP because you don't like that 3 percent of their centers' function involves abortions... say so, you have every right to.  But don't make up this "internal rule" that just came into play and DOESN'T apply to an actual institution that was under federal investigation for child sex abuse... Penn State, which is receiving a 5 year 7.5 million dollar grant from Komen for it's cancer research.  Don't tell me that when your board voted in a new "rule" it only affected a whopping ONE of your 2000 funded organizations.  And really don't tell me months later, that it's not the rule, but the fact that PP doesn't perform mammograms....  Last time I checked, a key component in breast health, is regular screenings, learning to regularly check your breasts and get information about what to look for, questions to ask... and oh, yes, get A REFERRAL FOR A MAMMOGRAM!

If you have a problem with an organization, have a problem with the organization.  Stand tall about why and keep your head up.  When you start spinning webs of lies, you get caught with your pants down, or in the case of Komen, your blouse open.

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